Artist and Teacher

Eileen Wiessner was born in Warwick Rhode Island, child number seven of eight in a family of seven girls and one boy. She grew up on the east coast of Florida where her father moved the family as he began a new adventure at Cape Canaveral with the new Space Program.

Although she knew at a young age that she was an artist, (she won an art contest in the local newspaper at the age of 13) her father coached her to pursue more traditionally lucrative degrees, so she earned a degree in Psychology and a minor in Accounting.

But being an artist was too ingrained in her soul as part of her identity and she began to follow her heart, and, in her early forties, became a full time artist.

She has worked with many art associations, won numerous awards, sold over 100 paintings and works of art, taught classes and performed demonstrations from Florida, North Carolina to California and Oregon. Eileen is a Master Instructor of the Michael Wilcox School of Color and was one of nine original Master Instructors taught by Michael Wilcox himself, (author of “Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green”) in color mixing theory.

Eileen is enjoying continual growth in her craft and works in many mediums depending on how the subject matter “speaks to her” about how it should be artistically interpreted. She has worked in watercolor, oil, pastel, pen & ink, acrylic, charcoal, mixed media, wood, metal, clay, found objects and repurposing of old and found objects and enjoys exploring new ways of creating. She likes stretching her own canvases as part of the art form and framing her own artwork.

She is available to teach and share on painting and creating in most mediums, perform group demonstrations and talk on various artistic subjects. Her specialty is painting critiques and how to mix the color you want the first time, every time.

Ms Wiessner lives at Lake Royale, NC with her husband and enjoys family time with her daughter and, the apple of her eye, her grandson, who live nearby.